Teach your children to read… and teach them about People.

Susan Greenfield, in her Plasticity studies, has made the following admonition: (I paraphrase)

The person who saves the Princess [or, the Prince] in the computer game cares about the game—the person who saves the Princess [or, the Prince] in real life has to care about the Princess [the Person]. In terms of learning and development the reader is more likely to grapple with the issues of care for the Person, while the gamer is less likely to care for the Person, and more likely to focus only on the game.

I find this true in theological circles, too. Many theological discussions in the marketplace are about the game, and not about the People. A colleague of mine, a female pastor, was in a discussion recently that demonstrates this. Ann Bayliss says,

“I was at a party having a discussion with two egalitarian brothers about why their church pastor is unwilling to become fully egalitarian, i.e. not having women preach or be elders. He said, “The women’s issue is not something he is willing to fight for.” To which I replied, “I am not an issue.” The words “I matter” were implied in my following silence.”

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