He only hit her, once…

“He only hit her once…”

… came across some startling statistics recently. After reading a small reference, I went to the original research done with participants in a court-ordered spousal abuse group. The subject of the article is,

“He only hit her, once in 20 years of marriage.”

But, according to the research, he also…

blocked her exit 40 times,

pouted about sex 1040 times,

slammed a door 2080 times,

mocked her 7300 times,

gave her dirty looks 14,600 times,

and called her names 18,360 times…

…for an estimated total of 43,421 abusive incidents.

This is not to mention financial dishonesty, slander to the children, teachers, friends, and church leaders, and the immeasurable times of neglect.

Physical abuse is such a small part of the bigger picture…the rest of it is what makes a woman feel so bad about herself that by the time he hits her, she really believes she deserves it. So sad, and yet so pervasive…

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