Futures of Crude

Robert Newell, former pastor of the Memorial Baptist Church in Houston, would send his church paper to me, and one week his article grew out of the business section of the paper. I want to “pirate” his article for a few thoughts to pass along to you.

The report that Bob read told of an unexpected decrease in the supplies of crude oil. The article bore the startling headline—CRUDE FUTURES PRICE EDGES UP. While crude prices mean a lot to many people, there are some other thoughts that come to mind about the futures of crude when taken in a larger sense of the word.

The unconscionable behavior of some political leaders has made sexuality much less private than before, and has made public discourse more harsh than it should be, and many of us find ourselves in a “hostile environment” wherever we go. The “privacy” of the victims of sexual misbehavior has been ignored, as usual, by so much of the public discourse. The immoral lifestyles of the “rich and famous” and the graphics of videos and movies continue to add to the prevalence of crude. Needy people go on national television with the sickest of behavior to describe to needy viewers the depravity of crude, and needy viewers ask for more.

What Is Your Crowd?

We live in a world that is more crowded with people than it has ever been, yet one might think that we are also in a time when people are less aware, than ever, of the effect of each person’s behavior on the life of the community of other people. One crowd champions abortion with little recognition of the devaluing of life that results.

Another crowd minimizes the needs of poor families with little recognition of the devaluing of life that results. Another crowd bears as many children as biology will allow, ignoring the economic problems and the needs of future children, with little recognition of the devaluing of life that results.

People blow up planes with innocent passengers, teenagers deliver newborns and leave them to die in trash cans, and people think it’s “cute” when children tell parents and teachers, “You are not the boss of me.” The price of crude is definitely rising.

Where is the regulatory agency that can halt the increasing demand for crude? The answer given by some people is a Theocracy. However, as James Dunn suggested, there is a real problem with that since there are too many people who would like to be “Theo.” No, the answer is not to be found in Theocracy.

Others suggest a society with no God, not even in the personal lives of its constituents. It has become “chic” in our society to laugh at the possibility that God exists and has a plan for life. No, the answer is not found in assuming that human power is all there is.

Regulatory Power

The regulatory power is found in the individual relationship between God and the person. We are not governed by “drives.” We are governed by “choices.” We have impulses all right, but most of the time we get out of our impulses that which we put into them.

From my view, I remember reading of those who said of Christ,

We will not have this man to rule over us.

There is that statement again, another context, another time, but still the same result.

The price of crude goes up. I also remember reading his invitation, . . .

How often would I have gathered you under my wings as a hen gathers her chicks, and you refused. (Matthew 23:37)

And I remember the words of so many others who have found in his Lordship freedom, abundant life, forgiveness, purpose, security, worth, and more. The consumer can change the market, by choices.

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