I am a Minister, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private practice in Sugar Land, Texas.

My counseling practice began in 1989 with the Houston Center for Christian Counseling, and I am still there. It is a great place to work, and I believe I work with giants, some of the most excellent therapists in practice. I counsel with adolescents and adults, especially with couples. I lead workshops several times a year, one for couples, Collaborative Marriage Skills, and one for individuals, Connections: Building Relationships. I also lead occasional workshops on topics like Assertiveness, Bible Exploration, and Difficult Issues.

After over 40 years of pastoring I am now preaching wherever I have opportunity, sometimes preaching for a pastor who is on vacation, or spending several weeks with a church that is looking for a pastor, providing them with some pastoral care in the interim. I also consult with churches that are struggling with problems, trying to overcome internal conflicts, or decide how to better minister to their community.

I am married to Billie Ritter Ford, an intriguing and fascinating woman. She spent many years in the University setting, first in Financial Aid, then teaching history, and researching as an independent historian. We both love the Lord, and his Word, and we both are ordained ministers.

All material is under copyright, 2012, by Gerald Ford, and may be used in educational and non-profit settings, as long as the material is used in its entirety and credit is given to author.

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